Cafe Cubano Combo, Serrano, Cubita, Regil.


Cuban Serrano, Cubita, Regil Combo Pack, All 3 for a Special Price.

Serrano, Cubita, Regil Ground Coffee can be used in moka coffee maker, espresso machines, drip coffee maker or refill capsule nespresso type makers.

(115 Grams of Cubita is out of stock, (we will send you 230 Grams instead), Order Processing time is 48 hours, Free Worldwide Shipping!

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Serrano Cubita Regil Cafe Cubano Combo Pack

Exclusive Special Bundle Pack of Serrano, Cubita, Regil Selection Pack for a special price.

Serrano is a premium cafe of cuba, medium strong rich taste and aroma.
Cubita is a strong cafe, ideal for espresso and equally good for cappuccino
Regil is another strong cafe, in between of serrano and cubita, excellent body and color, very distinctive flavor.

You are buying Cafe Cubano Combo Pack (Serrano, Cubita, Regil, Original Factory Sealed),  Proper Dose for 1 shot should be between 6-7 grams, and 12-14 grams for a double shot. (115 Grams of Cubita is out of stock, (we will send you 230 Grams instead)

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