Cafe de Cuba Combo Pack

Cafe de Cuba, Combo Pack, for a Special Price.

Ground Coffee can be used in moka coffee maker, espresso machines, drip coffee maker or refill capsule coffee makers.





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Cafe de Cuba, Serrano, Cubita, Regil, Turquino, El Arriero, La Indiana, Caracolillo Combo Pack.

Special Bundle Pack for a special price.

Serrano is a premium cafe , medium roast 100% Arabica, mild on tongue, has a very rich taste and exclusive aroma.

Cubita is a strong cafe, dark roast, ideal for espresso and equally good for cappuccino.

Regil, a blend of robusta & arabica, is the oldest Cuban coffee brand, its medium strong, medium roast, excellent body, very distinctive flavor.

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Regil 125 Grams, Cubita 230 Grams, Serrano 125 Grams, Add Turquino 125 Grams, Add Turquino + El arriero 125 Grams, Add Turquino + El Arriero + La Indiana 110 Grams, Add Turquino + El Arriero + La Indiana + Caracolillo 230 Grams

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