How to Make Cuban Coffee

How to make Cuban Coffee ? Bring a taste of  Havana to your home.

Cafe Cubano, a short espresso in which brown sugar is combined with the espresso shot at the time of brewing (only if you like sweet coffee), . In most cases, the coffee is from Cuba, its dark-roasted, excellent aroma, which probably explains the popularity of the cafe cubano or cafecito de cuba.




With its natural climate and geography, Cuba has the potential to produce some of the world’s best beans. Cuba started planting coffee in the mid 18th century. By 1820, Coffee was one of Cuba’s largest cash crops. At its peak coffee production just before the 1956 Cuban revolution, Cuba exported 20,000 tons of coffee.

Cafe cubano has a thick layer of sweet crema (cream) floating over strong espresso, cuban coffee is served at the end of a meal in tacitas (tiny cups) that are smaller than demitasse cups.

Cafe cubano is to the world of coffee. It is not sipped or savored… it is shot! Cafe cubano is at-least double the strength of American coffee.

At any time of day or night at the countless little Cuban restaurants that dot Miami, people line up for “jolts” of cafe cubano served in thimble-sized paper cups, to make cafe cubano you would need any one of the following :

  • Moka Pot, (electric or stove).
  • Espressso Machine.
  • Nespresso type machine with refilable capsule (steel or aluminum prefered).
  • Microwave (Just medium boil the water in microwave, take it out and put 2 teaspoon of ground coffee, cover the mug for 2 minutes, strain it , if you like to and enjoy.


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