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Frequently Asked Questions:

All Cuban Coffee Brands sold on this website are Original Cuban, Factory Sealed, 100% same what you may have purchased while in Cuba or from duty free shop at departure lounge.

We do not sell or advertise repacked or misleading descriptions of products or package.

Cuban Coffee can not be bought in open or loose packages as some coffee roasters shops claims to sell serrano beans or cubita beans that are not factory sealed or loose packages.

All products comes with valid SKU Number and description in English and or Spanish only.

We process all orders within 48 hours excluding Sunday, Your order is shipped by Economy Service, the Minimum delivery time is 3 weeks, Maximum 7 weeks, the delay is usually from customs, Shipping is Free and we ship Worldwide, Coffee is a Duty Free item in most countries and most likely, you will not be charged custom duty or tax.

if you want a faster delivery of 7-10 days, choose a different ship from: location on the product page where applicable, the price of product will be 20-30% extra, You may contact us if you want DHL Delivery within 5-10 days, the charges for DHL courier is approx 35$ Per Pound.

If You have any quick question, Please fill our contact form below,


Q: I couldn’t able to complete the purchase, my VISA/MASTER CARD DENIED OR ASKED ME VERIFY-by-VISA password or asked me to enroll?

Answer: VISA/MASTERCARD Purchases are now protected by Verified BY Visa/MC, If you are not enroll you may be asked to enroll in verified by visa/Mastercard by verifying your DOB, Name etc on the payment page, or you can visit your online banking website and signup for verify by visa/MC, you can then use the card for online purchases, if for any reason the page times out due to delay, click on MyAccount –> Orders–>PAY (only if it shows cancelled) OR first Signup at our payment processor and then make the order.

Q: I just place the order and it says Processing/ Completed, under MyAccount—-> Orders ?

Answer: After you make online order, our staff reviews your order and within 48 hours we update the status to “Shipped”, Please do check your email or spam box if you haven’t received our email please enter your order number and email at TRACK MY ORDER page to see the status (after 2 days from order date)

Q: Under My Account–>Orders—->status says “Shipped”, where do i find the tracking number or how do i know when i will get it?

Answer: When we update the status, we send you an email, you can then enter your order number and email at TRACK MY ORDER Page to get the tracking number and the url for postal website, based on the destination country, the approximate delivery time is shown on the page.

Q: Can i request Gift Pack for the shipping address?

Answer: We don’t offer gift packing, items are shipped in standard shipping package to the shipping address you mention while ordering.

Q: Can i order multiple items of the same product?

Answer: You can only place order for single product, if you like to make multiple orders please reorder it, we suggest first signup on our payment processor before making a large order.

Q: Can i request a refund or cancel the order i just placed?

Answer: Orders are processed and shipped withing 48 hours, we may update the status within 48 hours or it may take 3-5 days, but orders once placed cannot be cancelled or refunded.

Q: I have not received my item , i don’t have email from you of tracking number?

Answer: Please visit TRACK MY ORDER  page and enter your email and order number, you will see the page refreshes after you press submit and it will show you the tracking website url and tracking number and approx delivery date, please note the delay is usually in customs, you can also contact us  below and we can provide you with more details on shipment.

You can also call us @ Toll Free +1-877-395-7224.

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